Why We ♥ Toronto


Staying up past 7 pm can often be a struggle, so the thought of do(ing) a little dance, mak(ing) a little love and get(ting) down tonight’€”or any night’€”might sound ambitious.
But living in Hogtown means that there’s always the option, and that’€™s what Alison, our Toronto editor loves about this city:

“Celebrating nights away from the kids (and parking the yoga pants) is why I love Massey Hall, Toronto’€™s cultural connector.

Operating alongside Roy Thomson Hall, the two venues have welcomed dozens of A-list musicians, celebrities and events (including TIFF galas) and usually offer something for every age each month.

They even think of the kids’€”with afternoon performances of Toronto Symphony Orchestra’€™s Young People’s Concerts with music from Thomas and Friends and The Polar Express.

As a thank you for all the free babysitting, send your in-laws to a night with Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin or a talk by David Suzuki.

And for a much-needed date night with your beloved, a night of laughter compliments of successful Canadian comedian Jeremy Hotz, or any number of up-and-coming musical acts, should help you both (temporarily) forget the fact that you are now responsible parents who, instead of hitting Fran’€™s across the street for late-night poutine, will be heading home to feed a small, hungry human of your own making.

That’€™s just one of the reasons why I love this town. There is so much more.” Here are 7 Reasons to Love Toronto.

Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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