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It’s a short week for most moms with the long weekend ahead, so I’ll be brief. There is a lot to report and reflect on—drinking and driving, an app that tells you when to take a pee break, home organizing solutions and restaurants promoting well-behaved kids. What is the world coming to?
1. Our food editor, Jan Scott, wrote an interesting post this week about a restaurant in the US that offers a discount to families if their children are well behaved. Apparently this is a topic of much debate. Who is the judge of good behaviour and what are the criteria? What about the parents whose children are not well behaved? What do they get? If you ask me, it’s obvious when kids are poorly behaved, and the parents should be pretty aware of the situation when it happens (hello, temper tantrums, throwing food, running around the resto and tripping wait staff…). I might not be popular for saying this but I don’t think there is ever anything wrong with rewarding good behaviour. I like the idea. There, I said it. And for the record, my kids would never have qualified for the discount.

Mom who sold son's truck

2. If you’re worried about saying please and thank you at the table right now, enjoy it while it lasts because here is a story that reminds us that tough love keeps getting tougher as the kids grow up. A Wyoming mom decided to sell her son’s pick-up truck as a punishment for drinking and driving. Her classified ad in the local paper went viral on Facebook where she generated a lot of support and attention for her actions. For the son, it might be the tough way to learn a lesson, but it could have been a lot tougher. As Lisa Belkin states in her Huffington Post article, he should write his mother a thank you note one day.

Sock drawer organizer

3. I’m doing some upgrades to my house this winter which is forcing me to reorganize a lot of my belongings. I think that’s why a product like this sock drawer organizer caught my attention this week. It would be even better if it were able to spit the socks out of the dryer like that first—all matched up and folded, ready for the sock drawer. That’s my idea of sock heaven.


4. Speaking of heaven, the Oscars are coming up and with so many movies to see before the big night we want to be prepared. But for those of us with small bladders who constantly fret over missing the best part because we were in the loo, there’s an app for that. It’s called RunPee and for $1 you can download it onto your iPhone or iPad and find out the best time to run out and pee during the movie. That doesn’t mean you should say yes to that 32-ounce Diet Coke, though.

Superhero dad

5. Here’s a ‘super’ image of a dad and son in the hardware store that was making the rounds this week. What a hero. I thought I would share.

Have a great week.


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