Calgary: The Savvy Guide to March


March is filled with the promise of spring tempered with the cold reality that we have one more month of snowsuit bundling before we begin to expose our bare ankles to the world.
A plan for the break this month.
Why? Because even if your kids are not in school yet, their current schedule is likely to change and you might need to plan for that.

Start revving up your gold medal spirit with a visit to the ING Finale International speed skating competition from March 18 – 22 at the Olympic Oval.
Why? Sure, they look fast on television but the real deal is awe inspiring. Races start at 9 am daily wrapping up late in the afternoon. Watch a little or a lot, the event is free.

Scavenger Hunt on your next road trip. Make a list of items for each child to watch for (such as cows, a church, a food store, or a person talking on a cell phone) and let them check each item off when they find it. For younger kids who can’t read, draw a picture of the item (or find clip art on your computer) so they will know what to look for.
Why? Because it will help pass the time, it will help avoid the bickering and the kids might even learn something.

Make your RRSP contribution by Monday, March 1.
Why? Because making an RRSP contribution reduces the tax you have to pay for 2008 and helps you save for the future.


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