The Savvy Guide to March

The Savvy Guide to March - SavvyMom

We made it! Well, almost. It’s time to get ready for spring—even if things like Thundersnow make it feel like winter will never end.

March is a bit like November—except that the kids are home from school for a “vacation.” But that’s no excuse to wish this soggy and often still-chilly month away. Make the most of it with these tips on how to have fun while you’re dreaming of warmer weather. Remember, spring will be here soon (read and repeat often).

And March features lucky little green men with top hats! But more importantly, March brings with it the promise of little green leaves—from the ground and the trees. Keep your chin up and do a jig if you must. There is reason to celebrate. Here’s our Savvy Guide to March.

The Savvy Guide to March

Get out and about (because it’s about time!)

By the time March Break rolls around we’re bouncing off the walls and ready to go somewhere, anywhere! We round up events, attractions, and fun things to do for families in March in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver that should satisfy your and your kids’ need for fun and connection.

What’s streaming in March for Kids & Families

Need some suggestions for what to watch with the kids, especially heading into March Break? We’ve looked at the schedules from all Canadian streaming services and narrowed down the best TV shows and movies streaming in March for families.

Great Books for Kids for Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month and March 8 is International Women’s Day. Now more than ever it’s important to celebrate and share women’s stories and achievements and acknowledge the impact that women have had in shaping the history of our nation and beyond. To get started, check out these 10 Children’s Books for Women’s History Month.

Seeds for your garden (for real)

Why? Because scheming about what to plant together this year is a great way to pass a chilly weekend afternoon and remind everyone that spring will come. Even better? Gardening together will teach your kids about sustainable food production. Whether you’ve got a backyard plot or just a container or two, we think you’ll love the comprehensive selection available at Dominion Seed House. Their epic printed catalogue is no more, but browsing through the online version is a great way to kickstart your imagination for greener days.

Your Irish on (March 17)

Why? Because it’s St. Paddy’s Day and you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate. Your days of green beer may be long gone, but there are many ways to enjoy Irish culture. We share several sweet and simple ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with kids and we think they’ll enjoy Lucky Charms for breakfast almost as much as they would love to find a pot of gold. Almost.

Taking inventory for spring

Why? Your kids are still traipsing around in winter boots and snowsuits (and for the love of all that is good please don’t lose the last pair of mittens). But it’s anybody’s guess how much they’ve sprouted over the winter and you don’t want to be stuck with tight rainboots and three-quarter length jacket sleeves on the first warm spring day. Take stock of what you have, what fits, what’s worn, and what’s needed now (psst… here’s a look at the best kids rain gear) and you’ll truly be ready for spring being sprung.

Spring Cleaning starts now

Why? With the kids home for March Break it’s an ideal time to do a few extra chores around the house to help keep everyone feeling cozy and comfortable. And since the kids are home during March Break, even they can be corralled into the activities, making it a perfect opportunity to teach them a few new skills while decluttering the house at the same time. Spring cleaning with kids is totally a thing!

Get ready to spring ahead by having a family slumber party

Why? Because we don’t want to be late for brunch or hockey practice, right? We know that nothing can make the unhappy occasion of a ‘lost’ hour of sleep much better for already sleep-starved parents. But when March  rolls around, try getting them into their PJs early. Then dim the lights, eat your dinner in your slippers and robes, and watch a classic family movie. Just be sure to start the whole production an hour ahead of schedule.


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