Top Spring Cleaning and Clearing Tips from the Professionals


It’s April! Time to say goodbye to the cold winter weather and hello to springtime, spring flowers and spring cleaning (and clearing). Once you’ve tackled the dusty drapes and cleaned behind those hard-to-reach spots, it’s time to think about clearing out the clutter and organizing your space.

We asked a handful of POC members to provide us with their very best tips on how to tackle the ‘spring clearing‘ season and we’re sharing them with you. So without further adieu, here are 14 spring clearing tips from the pros:

  1. Get started. Start at the beginning of the month and put two items in a ‘donate’ box every day for the entire month. Sixty-two fewer items to worry about.
  2. Share your list. Share with two friends your list of ‘incompletes’ and messes that you want to complete in the next 60 days and hold each other accountable.
  3. Delete it. Take 5 minutes once a week to go through the pictures on your phone or tablet and clear out all those excess photos.
  4. Toss your winter wear. Get rid of any winter gear you didn’t use this past season. Be ruthless. If you didn’t use it, it’s even less likely you will next winter.
  5. Hang it up. Use S-hooks or shower curtain rings to get the clutter off the floor in pantries and closets—great for purses, umbrellas, mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies.
  6. Pack it light. When de-cluttering, try to leave about 20 percent ‘breathing room’ on each shelf. If that sounds unattainable, just open up as much free space as you can.
  7. Product purge. Run a major clean up of your cosmetics and hair product paraphernalia. Discard the old and disinfect the remaining, create inventory, and list missing items. Now you’re ready for your new ‘spring look’ shopping.
  8. Clear your counters. We’re all about spring clearing, not just cleaning. Clear your surfaces by creating vertical storage solutions. Move up instead of spreading out.
  9. Finish what you started. Instead of sorting new stuff into new bins, go through the bins you already have and donate as much as you can.
  10. Expire the expired. Get rid of old prescriptions, vitamins and food past its prime.
  11. Freeze it. Now is the hour to clear out your freezer. Make it a mission to plan meals using frozen food. When in doubt, throw it out.
  12. Embrace the baskets. Get small baskets for drawers to sort like items. Discard anything unwanted, pop the baskets back in and you’re done.
  13. Label your gardening tools. Gardening season is approaching! Organize your gardening tools and accessories by creating labeled bins to sort all the little things, like seeds, gloves and plant tags.
  14. Ask for help. Invite a good friend over, open a bottle of wine, and start going through your closet. Take their advice!

Feel free to spread out your spring clearing tasks over the next three months and take it one large project at a time.


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