Spring Cleaning Cleaning Tips


Yes, we want our homes to have the delightful scent of fresh air and lemony cleaners that can only come from a good spring cleaning. But we don’t want it to take forever, not when we’ve waited so long for this season of bike rides, picnics, gardening, and wrestling our kiddos in the grass.

So here are of some of our favourite spring-cleaning cleaning tips, shortcuts, and tricks that will get the job done properly once. Because the only thing we like less than washing our windows is washing our windows twice.

Spring Cleaning Cleaning Tips

1. Wash windows on a cloudy day

It may seem like you need sunshine to get this job out of the way, but you’re actually better off waiting until it’s overcast. Why? Sunshine makes your windows dry too quickly, which leads to streaks. Mix a bucket with equal parts white vinegar with warm water, then scrub with paper towels. Purchase decent paper towels that won’t fall apart as you’re using them.

2. Clean your faucets with a lemon

Is there anything this delightful little fruit can’t do? Use a wedge of lemon on your stainless steel faucets. They clear water stains and make the kitchen and bathroom smell great.

3. Use car wax on your stovetop

After you have elbowed-greased your way through cleaning your stove, burners and all, try this easy hack. Take a tiny amount of car wax and buff the surface with a clean paper towel. Tomorrow morning’s scrambled-egg spill will come off in a fraction of the time.

4. Try the dishwasher for other household items

Talk about an ‘aha’ use! It turns out the dishwasher isn’t just for dishes anymore. Use it for other things that could use a good sterilizing, like hair and makeup brushes, dog bowls, plastic toys, dusty light fixtures (use the china or delicate setting), kitchen sponges, and even the shelves from the fridge.

5. Clean door tracks with vinegar

We love our sliding doors to the deck, but their tracks are dead giveaways for our less-than-stellar upkeep in this super high-traffic area. Luckily, a vinegar-soaked paper towel will have them shiny clean in no time.




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