How to Separate Eggs Like a Pro

How to Separate Eggs Like a Pro - SavvyMom

If you’ve ever had to separate eggs for a recipe, then you have likely experienced the frustration (ok, the yelling, screaming, and swearing) that results when one single yolk decides to break and ruins the whole lot. Fact is, separating eggs can be tricky and messy if you don’t know what you are doing.

As avid bakers who have tried every method out there, we’re sharing our top 5 foolproof tips to separate eggs that will make sure you get it done right the first time…

Tips to Separate Eggs Like a Pro

  1. Use COLD eggs: When eggs are cold, the yolks and whites seem to hold their shape better and separate more easily. If the recipe calls for room temperature eggs, separate them first and let them warm up in separate bowls before adding them to your other ingredients.
  2. Use THREE bowls: Before you start get set up, place THREE very clean glass bowls in front of you, one for the whites, one for the yolks and one for the empty shells (we like doing this because it’s less messy then throwing them on the countertop!).
  3. Gently tap the egg on the counter to crack: Holding one egg in your hand, gently tap the egg on a clean, dry countertop or flat surface (not against the edge of a bowl). Tap gently until you ‘crack’ the egg shell open. After cracking, hold the egg over one of the bowls and carefully break apart the shell. Let the white (clear) part of the egg fall into the bowl. While doing this, keep the egg yolk in the other half of the shell.
  4. Tip the egg back and forth to separate completely: To ensure you get all of the white out, transfer the egg yolk from one half of the shell to the other a few times (carefully!) tipping any egg white remaining in the shell into the bowl. Then place the remaining egg yolk into the second, empty bowl. Discard shell in your third bowl. Repeat with any remaining eggs you have.
  5. Clumsy? Try a slotted spoon: Another sure-fire method (suggested by Alton Brown!) is to lay a slotted spoon over a clean bowl. Crack your egg and let it fall into the spoon. It will catch the yolk and the white will drip through the slots.



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