Dig It


It’s time get your hands dirty. And that’s not a metaphor.
Plant the gardening seed in your child’s imagination this summer by introducing them to the magic of nature in their own backyard or community plot.

Ditch the myth of the green thumb (anyone can nurture a plant to grow with a little practice) and start with some Calgary-friendly plants like a fuzzy perennial Lamb’s Ear or annual and (edible nasturtiums), pansies or marigolds. (Did you know you can eat young dandelion leaves in your salad?)

Or follow the path to the veggie patch. Kids love to eat what they have planted and many vegetables such as lettuce or squash are easy to grow. (It’s especially helpful for kids who are less inclined to eat their greens.) We particularly love growing pumpkin plants (ripe just in time for Halloween) and found large, organic bedding plants at Community Natural Foods.


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