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Need to educate yourself in the fine art of the teacher gift? These locally available suggestions should earn you some extra credit, alone or as a group, with added marks for creativity.
Teaching may be a ‘calling’, but we bet the call of a lake, a beach or backyard is getting irresistible for any teacher this time of year. Midtown’s recent retail addition, Oddjects, has beautiful multi-coloured raffia bags which cover the ABCs: attractive, big (easily contain towels, flip-flops, food, even a bottle or two), and crafted out of durable raffia. Perfect as a stand-alone item, or make it a class gift and fill it with accessories. ($85, available at Oddjects)

We did the math. A spa gift is great, but add up travel time plus parking, and there are subtractions to the benefits of a spa experience. The simple solution lies in Wright Spa, a mobile spa service in Toronto that will travel right to you. Wright Spa offers a full line of spa services including aesthetics, massage, manicures and pedicures, hair styling and makeup. The company uses all-natural products and provides fresh wraps, robes, and slippers for all their services. A spa at your doorstep? Any tired teacher will give that a high grade. (Various price points, information at

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