High Flying Fun

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Swim class, gym class, ballet and soccer—all fun and all done. Break the mold this summer and sign your kids up for something different.
Ever dream of joining the circus? Well, now you and your little one can with a class at the Vancouver Circus School.

Parents and tots (six months to four years) can get a taste of the Big Top in a fun and fast-paced session that goes well beyond a traditional gymnastics class. You’ll be bouncing on trampolines, tumbling on mats, and throwing and catching balls under the watchful eye of a trained circus professional. A similar parent participation program is already popular at the school’s North Vancouver facility.

If you have an energetic four to eight year-old, then let them try a bit of everything in a one-hour Circus Exploration class. They’ll get a thrill out of walking a mini tightrope, climbing the aerial silks, swinging on a trapeze, juggling balls and even riding a unicycle.

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