Finding Fab Food

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Babysitting tough to find? Restaurants eating into your budget? Hate to admit it but staying home on a Saturday night sounds heavenly?
Luckily, you are not alone and having friends with children on the same program opens up endless entertaining opportunities at home. So, feed the kids, plug in a movie and cook up a fun, leisurely dinner for friends.

Who knew Calgary had so much to offer on the culinary shopping scene? Especially if you tap into your inner Indiana Jones. After all, navigating Calgary’s underground food network can be a real adventure. Engaging a guide is never a bad idea and local chef, restaurateur and author Dee Hobsbawn-Smith is a good choice. While it might be difficult to secure her for say, your weekend foray into Chinatown, she has graciously recorded her fave foodie haunts in her book Shop Talk.

Shop Talk retails for $23.95 and is available at Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company at the Calgary Farmers’ market as well as numerous stores, delis and make ‘n’ take joints such as Forage. Between the covers, you’ll discover a wealth of information about where to find ethnic foods, chocolate, wine and cheese (all the good stuff) as well as good local grocers, fish mongers and butchers. (Could come in handy this week if you’re planning a Thanksgiving feast.)

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