Green Their Ride


Little kids need big stuff, and lots of it. Fortunately, the vast majority of baby bulkiness is easy to pass along to charities or sell at consignment stores.
Not so with car seats, however. Until now, these hunks of plastic, metal and polyester were only good as long as the purchasing family had babies or toddlers to fill them with. After that, buckets and boosters (as well as forward-facing five points) became fodder for the local landfill.

For a better ending to the wasteful car seat saga, there’s a new local company called Keepin’ Baby Safe.

They specialize in child car seat inspection and install at clinics throughout the city and in Airdrie for $10 most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. They also do home visits which we highly endorse. Even the most seasoned parent could use a refresher on seat safety (and many weren’t taught in the first place).

Keepin’ Baby Safe also recycles car seats (yay) under company name Kid Seat Recyclers (in partnership with Melrose Kids and Friendly Earth). To be eligible for this service, car seats must be stripped of fabric, harnesses, tethers and metal—including screws. Expect to pay a $5 recycling levy (paid to the recycling company) and an additional $2 to have your car seat stripped for you (highly worth it).


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