Bayview Basics


Sick of the routine and looking for a change of scene? Try a new destination—the Bayview Strip—for food, fashion, kids’ gear and gourmet groceries.
The Bayview Strip runs north from Davisville up to Eglinton and is an easy bus ride from the Davisville TTC Station. Street parking is tough to find, so park it in the Green P lot on Millwood (one block north of Davisville next to the TD Bank). Residential street parking can be found too, but note the one-hour time limits.

Start by visiting the north end of the strip. Be sure to stop by motherhood mecca Mom’s To Be…and More, which has just expanded (we’re talking three times the size) and has everything for mothers, babies and toddlers. Across the street, you’ll find the latest addition to Bayview, a hip store for babes called Groms carrying stylish gear for kids aged 6 months to 13 years—including snowboards, boots, and outerwear from brands like Hurley, Bench and Billie (it’s the first place we found that sells the cool stuff for really little kids).

Speaking of shoes, footwear for everyone can be found at the well-stocked Tajo shoes, just north of Groms. They carry Bogs rain boots for kids, along with lots of other well-priced shoes. As you leave Tajo, head south and turn a page at the Flying Dragon bookstore (full of literary delights for babies, kids and adults), and then duck into the Academy of Culinary Arts store—but don’t say we didn’t warn you…it’ll be difficult to leave without purchasing something for the kitchen or for entertaining.

Hungry yet? Bayview offers a foodie, or any hungry human everything and anything, from croissants at Rahier (best ones in town) to sushi at Fukui Sushi (say that ten times) to Italian salads and pizza at Vero, amazing French baguettes and quiches at La Patisserie Cigogne…the list goes on. Just don’t walk into Cumbrae’s famous organic meat shop if you’re hungry because you might buy too much. The meats are beautifully prepared and they offer some great to-go options as well (read: chicken burritos, beet salads) so you can pick up a nice little something for dinner.


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