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Make Tracks

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Buried under a mound of white and feeling a little blue? Our answer to the January blahs is a bit of R&R (that stands for Recreation and Racing up a sweat). Cross-country skiing is a fun, family-oriented activity that’s accessible and relatively inexpensive (no lift tickets required).
Like any new sport, getting your family moving (and your heart pumping) on local snow-covered trails requires legwork. Kids as young as four can learn to ski although you will want to stick close to home (or hut) and have back-up transportation lined up.

Get the Gear
Toddlers and infants as young as six months can tow along in a pulk sled or a Chariot Carrier with a cross-country ski attachment. Before you invest in one of these cream of the crop strollers, try one first at Sports Rent. Sports Rent also rents nordic ski packages.

Hit the Trails
Hop in the car and head to Kananaskis. With over 85 kilometres of trails in Peter Lougheed Park alone, there is something for everyone. The family favourite is Pocaterra, located approximately 50 km south of the Trans Canada on Hwy 40, offering track set trails, a heated hut and civilized bathroom facilities. The City of Calgary website lists a number of cross-country ski locations in the city and surrounding areas as well.

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