Taco del Family

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Hola, mamas. Un taco por favor?
For most kids, tacos sit pretty high on the kid-friendly food chain (comfortably alongside hot dogs, pizza and chicken strips). We love them too, particularly when they are prepared with real food, by real chefs in a real restaurant (no boxes, paper wrappers or plastic included).

Of course, Mexican food is more than just tacos. Enchiladas, empanadas, quesadillas (fun to say and fun to eat) to name just a few, contain provisions from all four food groups and taste great.

Salt and Pepper Restaurante Mexicano is the real deal when it comes to Mexican food. The original location is housed on Bowness Road in historical Bowness. Clay tiles, terra cotta coloured walls create a warm welcome. You can find another location on MacLeod Trail South just north of Chinook Mall and in Cochrane.

The kids’ menu contains nachos, tacos and burritos with sides like rice, beans, guacamole or salsa. Kids will also love the Taco Platter from the main menu so they can make their own dish. It comes with enough taco fillers (including beef, chicken, chorizo sausage and beans, plus veggies) for ten or more tacos. At $15, it’s one huevo of a deal.

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