Canadian Flag Friendship Pins

SavvyMom July 13, 2016
Canadian Flag Friendship Pins

Best for: Ages 5 to 8

Canadians are known around the world as being friendly—and these friendship pins only add to that idea.

You’ll Need

  • 15 safety pins (standard size), per child
  • 1 extra large safety pin or large paperclip, per child
  • Small red beads
  • Small white beads
  • Canadian Flag Pattern

How to Make

  1. Have the children follow the pattern to create their flag, carefully putting the beads on the safety pins.
  2. Loop each pin over shoelaces (or Velcro) in order, to create the flag’s pattern.
  3. Once you have them all in place, help the children use the large safety pin or paper clip to string them all together so they hang perfectly all the time.

Good to Know: Fold the paperclip underneath the pins so you can’t see it.

Thanks to our Savvy Storyteller Susannah from Creative Mama on a Dime for providing this party activity.

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