Cherish the Skin that Gives Shape to Who You Are


Living in a place with fresh air, sunshine and greenery, clean dirt (there is such a thing) and organic food grown and harvested by my own hands is not only beneficial to my soul, but also to my body. I need a strong, healthy body that can shovel, rake, saw and weed to keep our farm going. Hubby and I will often put in 10 hour workdays hauling brushing, burning and building, collapsing late at night with our bodies throbbing.

Tired aching muscles, scratches and slivers are all part of my daily routine on the farm, so I try very hard to keep my body healthy and running smoothly. Drinking lots of water, mostly eating food grown in our own garden and moisturizing my dry skin with a product I discovered when I was pregnant with our first child and have since come to rely on for many things.

Bio-Oil has been a part of our family for over a decade. I discovered it when my poor body was stretched beyond recognition and the skin on my belly so thin and tight I seriously thought it would split! Carrying a 10-and-a-half-pound baby will push the limits of anyone’s body, and it certainly did mine in.

bio oil

I rubbed Bio-Oil on that skin every day through three pregnancies, and not only did it give me a moment to appreciate the little human I was growing, it also soothed the itchiness and fatigue my skin was experiencing.

JulieAfter 3 babies, and continuous care and nurturing of my skin, my ‘tiger stripes’ are barely visible. At 42, I not only feel confident still wearing my bikini, but know that with continued use I will STILL be wearing one in 10 years! Whether or not others can see my stretch marks or aging, I am more confident in how I feel after giving my skin the opportunity to lock in moisture and retain its elasticity with Bio-Oil.

Not only that, but having a bottle of Bio-Oil in the cupboard will also help you protect against dry, chapped skin, remove makeup and soothe sore hands and, with a few drops added into your bath, you can add moisture back into your skin as you soak away the day’s work.

I have also been known to sneak into the kids’ bedrooms as they sleep and gently rub a few drops of oil along their lips where they have been licking, causing redness and pain. The oil does the job as they sleep and by morning their dryness is gone.

Bio-Oil is the #1 pharmacist- and doctor-recommended over-the-counter brand for scar and stretch marks in Canada, and is clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and aging facial and neck skin. It is light, and non-greasy, and rapidly absorbs into your skin as you gently rub it on the area of concern. It will heal and condition any area of your body, including chapped elbows, dry lips, your face and hands, on even the most sensitive skin.

bio oil and julie

Most importantly though, by nurturing your skin, you are also nurturing your soul. By giving yourself these few moments of self-care, you can take a moment, appreciate your body and all it does for you and catch your breath in this full and busy life. Feed your body what it needs, moisturize from the outside and the inside, and cherish the skin that gives shapes to who you are.

This post was written by Julie Nowell, and brought to you by Bio-Oil, but the images and opinions are Julie’s own. For more information, please visit


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