Cherry on Top

Bunch of yummy cherries in child's handsDuring the summer months, seasonal picks are numerous and delicious, making it very difficult to choose just one favourite. This month, however, sweet cherries are definitely at the top of my list. I just can’t resist the baskets of juicy, red sweet (Bing style) cherries at my local fruit and vegetable market. My kids love cherries just as much as I do and, if left unsupervised, will consume an entire bowl, pits sucked clean. More times than not, the basket won’t see the end of the day. Cherries certainly aren’t the most economical fruit choice (sometimes you can find them for less but they typically are around $4.99 a pound), but because I only buy them when they’re in season, they seem like a treat. Agreed—they aren’t the most kid-friendly fruit, but in my opinion sweet, juicy cherries are worth a little extra stain remover and some elbow grease. This fruit is easy to clean and easy to transport, making them a perfect addition to any lunch box or picnic basket.
Serve a big bowl of cherries for dessert or throw a few into a pitcher of lemonade or margaritas and enjoy this guilt-free pleasure. One cup (250 ml) of cherries contains only 81 calories and is a good source of Vitamin C and potassium.

If you are interested in picking your own cherries, check out this site to find out where you can find a Pick-Your-Own farm near you.

Stay tuned for my next favourite seasonal picks!

What are your fave seasonal fruits or vegetables?


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