Bootcamp Basics


For moms, ‘bikini season’ is second to ‘make sure you can keep up with your kids season’ (whether you wear a bikini or not). We need to stay close when they are surrounded by water, riding bikes or scooters (or anything with wheels) and more. But how to stay in shape so you can keep up? One solution is to find a bootcamp near you.
No drill sergeants allowed. We’ve found some local bootcamps catering to women and moms, giving you the freedom to exercise at your pace (with or without baby).

Fit 4 Two, started by local mom entrepreneur Melanie Osmack, has been offering Stroller Fitness and Stroller Bootcamp for a number of years now, allowing moms with newborns to get fit outdoors in a supportive environment. Melanie’s energy and enthusiasm is amazing and she changes up the exercises quickly so that neither mom nor baby has time to get bored.


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