Tootsie TLC


Moms truly appreciate the perfection of baby soft skin when they feast their eyes on those little baby piggies…and then they look at their own. One is a miracle and the other a thick-skinned, calloused and tired foot in need of some special treatment.
We have two good reasons to treat yourself to a pedicure this month. The first is that open-toe season is here, and with your tootsies on full display, you’ll want them to be worthy. The second is that a pedicure is a great excuse to take an hour out of your busy life and relax while someone pampers you. The little break, and the results it yields, will be good for both your physical health and emotional equilibrium.

We did a little research (it was tough but someone had to do it) and came up with five of our top picks for toes in the big O.

For Glebers, we like Third Avenue Spa. Escape by yourself or reserve more big comfy chairs for friends at the same time. We like the private room with just two chairs—so you can treat a friend and bring in your own bubbly. Makes a great Father’s Day gift if your partner likes a good foot massage!


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