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We’re always looking for ways to be better. (Is it possible?) So we asked our trusty readers: What one change has your family made to help save our planet?
With almost 3,000 responses, we couldn’t possibly share them all with you so we thought we’d highlight the most popular ones and the ones that stand out.

No More Baggage
No-more-plastic-bags was by far the most popular answer with our readers so bye, bye plastic and congratulations to all of you for making that change!

‘We always bring reusable bags with us when we go shopping.’ Rachel T., Oakville

‘I take my own containers to the grocery store when I buy deli meats. Then I don’t have to use the plastic bags.’ Valerie B., Toronto

Tap Overtakes Bottled
Thousand of other readers told us proudly that they are not buying bottled water anymore. They are filling up their Kleen Kanteens for themselves and the kids. We say cheers to that.

‘We’ve reclaimed the tap and stopped BUYING water!’ Tammy L., Amherstburg

Reducing CO2 Output
‘The new lawnmower we use is person powered instead of gas or electricity! Yay!!’ Holly W., Calgary

‘I drive a Hybrid’ Fanny L., Toronto

‘We stopped driving, we ride bikes, and we walk and use public transport.’ Shelley G., Thunder Bay

‘We walk to school every day’ Sandra D., Oakville

‘We plant a tree for every special occasion we have—birthdays, Valentine’s Day etc…’ Thank you, Mellie L. from Grande Prairie, for offsetting our emissions with your trees.

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