Children’s Wish Foundation Makes Little Youtuber’s Wish Come True

Children's Wish Foundation

These days, it seems like many young kids want to grow up and become professional Youtubers, playing video games or unboxing toys. One such young boy is being given a helping hand to make his dream a reality.

The Alberta/Northwest Territories chapter of the Children’s Wish Foundation is helping a boy named Lewis to do just that.

His Youtube handle is pichufan182 and it’s been growing very quickly. When the day started on July 4, he had 37 subscribers and by the end of the next day, thanks to the power of social media and some excited fans, he was up to over 1600 subscribers. (Note: At the time that this article was written, he was just over 2,200 subscribers!)

Lewis is a boy who has conquered adversity even outside of his illness. A 2012 house fire saw his family lose everything, only to later be evacuated from Alberta flooding. Lewis has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy which is a condition that causes muscle tightness and spasticity. He has already had surgery to try to alleviate his symptoms and he has another one coming up.

His grandma, who he lives with, has been working hard to set the house up for his recovery which will mean he will need to spend time in a wheelchair while regaining strength. You can read more about his inspiring story here.

Lewis’ grandmother is proud of him and his positive attitude, explaining, “He has been through so much in his life and never complains.” Getting this wish was very exciting for Lewis, and as part of his wish-granting, he will be receiving equipment and lessons to help him grow his Youtube channel. An avid gamer, Lewis’ loves sharing gaming tips and talks about his favourite Pokemon, Pichu.

Here’s one of his recent videos:

Memory Express and Kids Toy Play YouTube channel kindly helped to make this wish granting possible as well as the Children’s Wish Foundation. The Foundation grants wishes for Canadian kids between the ages of 3 and 17 who are facing life-threatening illnesses. In 30 years they have helped 25,000 families just like Lewis’, which is pretty incredible.

If you want to encourage Lewis in his journey to becoming a professional content creator, you can subscribe to his channel here. And if you’re interested in getting involved with the Children’s Wish Foundation, you can find out more about how to do that here.

Learn more about the impact of a wish in this brief video:


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