Colour-In Junebug Placemats

Colour-In Junebug Placemats

Kids are always pleased as punch when they present us with a crafted and coloured masterpiece. Up the ante—and their pride—with a washable, reusable colour-in placemat. The recycled polyester and cotton placements can be coloured on, then tossed in the washing machine, so that your kiddo can create a work of art for the table time and time again. Roll up the placemat and stash it and some markers in your purse and break this out when at restaurants for some tabletop entertainment for the kiddos that’s quiet (score), unobtrusive (double score), and screen-free (a parenting hat trick!). It’s even made from recycled water bottles and organic cotton, and made and printed in Montreal, Canada. ($15, available at

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