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Cool Escape Rooms for Kids in Ottawa

Escape Rooms for Kids

If you are planning a unique birthday party outing, need PD Day ideas, or are looking for activities to keep the kids busy during extended school holidays, an escape room experience may be just what you are looking for. These adventurous, problem-solving events aren’t just for adults (although many offer options for a more mature crowd if you have a date night planned) and kids of many ages can enjoy trying to solve the puzzles and mysteries of the rooms. We especially think your preteens and teens will love having their birthday parties in one of them.

Not only do escape rooms make for the perfect birthday party outing with your children’s friends, but we think these adventures would also be a special way to spend time together as a family. You can bond over winning or losing in the escape room.

Cool Ottawa Escape Rooms for kids

Escape Manor Junior

From Ottawa’s popular Escape Manor escape room experience comes four different rooms just for the kids at Escape Manor Junior.

The rooms are for up to 8 players each, all with a different theme, and take about 45 minutes to complete. Located on Greenbank Road in Nepean, Escape Manor Junior is perfect for birthday parties or for family events. At least one adult must attend with the other players and the rooms are designed for kids aged 6-12 (but all ages are welcome). The four different rooms include the Forbidden Forest, Space Invaders, Spy Mission and the Candy Conspiracy so there is a theme for everyone’s interests.

Funhaven Escapes

The popular arcade and play space on Baxter Road (near IKEA), Funhaven, has escape room mini missions (lasting about 15 minutes each) or longer adventures for 60 minutes. The smaller, shorter adventure called The Crystal Cave costs fewer credits (you can purchase credits for the rooms and other Funhaven activities when you arrive), and the other four rooms hosting the longer experiences cost additional credits. These room themes include Deep Decent, Rainforest Renegades, Ripple Creek and Curse of the Forgotten and will challenge your group each and every time. Tip! Look for daily deals and discounts (like on Tuesdays when the rooms are half price).

Unlocked Adventures

The four rooms at Unlocked Ottawa were designed with families in mind and offer a variety of options depending on their ages and interests. You can choose from the Victorian Vampire Dinner Party, Fortune Found, Shipwrecked and the Outdoor Survivor Challenge. The Outdoor Survivor Challenge is unlike other escape rooms as players race to complete challenges, manage obstacles throughout the course and raise their flag to win outside. This adventure begins in June, but bookings for the other three rooms happen daily.

Captive Kids

Captive Kids escape rooms were designed with the kids in mind solely. There are three rooms and stories to follow for a 60-minute adventure, each of them created to capture your child’s imagination. These stories include a haunted house with a helpful ghost willing to join you, a pirate adventure and a cursed village. Not only are there special birthday party packages available, but families, with 4-12 people, can book to create their own family adventure together.

Lockdown Ottawa

There is a new kid-friendly and family-focused room at Lockdown Ottawa (on Ogilvie, near the St. Laurent Shopping Centre). The Time Team Trilogy is a 45-minute experience for 2-6 people. Travel through time together to try and defeat the villain. This room is a trilogy with three chapters available to book at separate times and it’s recommended  to begin with Chapter one when booking for your first visit.


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