digiPlaySpace Inspires Creativity with Award-Winning Interactive Exhibition for Kids

digiplay space

The TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto has opened its doors for the latest edition of the digiPlaySpace. The highly anticipated annual interactive playground is designed to inspire creativity and teach kids about the digital world through hands-on (and really fun) exploration. This year’s lineup includes 23 exhibits from eight countries by internationally acclaimed and award-winning artists, designers, educators and developers. Exhibits are created for a wide range of ages starting with toddlers ages 3 and up. The exhibition is open now and runs until April 23, 2017.

We had a sneak peek of digiPlaySpace and here are just a few awe-inspiring installations that we couldn’t keep our hands off of…

digiPlaySpace Inspires Creativity With Award-Winning Interactive Exhibition For Kids

VIRTUAL GROWTH by artist Lieven van Velthoven, The Netherlands
Walk into this room filled with building blocks and other objects. As you explore the environment the ‘living light’ grows and traces the space lighting up hidden edges and you.

ANIMATION SPACE STATION by artist John Martz developed in collaboration with Catshrine (Canada)
Choose from five different animated scenes and become part of the show! You will be captured in 12 different poses to create a quick stop motion film. Be sure to bring your mobile device to save the final masterpiece to show your friends and family.

digiPlaySpace Inspires Creativity With Award-Winning Interactive Exhibition For Kids

Travel to some of the most beautiful spots in Canada and discover the magic of the green screen technology. Walk on water, explore scenic parks, or soar through the skies without leaving the exhibit and see how you can make yourself disappear with the ease of a green cape.

FLIGHT PAINTING by FROLIC Studio, The Netherlands
Using special gears (like in a plane) maneuver and control speed, colour, height and brightness of a flying ball of light. Then see your art on the screen. You’ll also be provided with a code to download your artwork. This exhibit shows visitors the magic of images captured on camera with a long exposure.

M/O by artist Logic&Form, Canada
28 iPads are displayed in a circular structure that communicates with each other. Here visitors are encouraged to touch, move and flick the space objects (comets, solar systems, planets) to see what happens.

Visitors can see first hand how easy it is to learn code. This innovative app offers simple challenges and puzzles to master the basics using Swift—a powerful programming language created by Apple and used by developers who have built many of today’s most popular apps. Program simple steps using iPads on site to command action.

Using the iPad, visitors can instruct a robot arm to take raw materials with direction and place them into position on the crafting table. Hint: this will be of high interest to Minecraft fans.

CODING CHARACTERS with Little Robot Friends by artist Little Robot Friends, Canada
Expressive robots are connected to computers and visitors are invited to customize their personalities. My kids wanted to create our robot with expressions of being ‘annoyed so much’ and take it home. (BTW, they will be available in the TIFF Gift Shop)

OSMO by Osmo, USA
We are big fans of this educational learning system that uses physical blocks while interacting with virtual games on an iPad. The system is already being used in some classrooms to enhance learning in math, science, and art. This is a great opportunity to try the system out.

VIRTUAL REALITY ZONE with Google Spotlight Stories, USA
Explore two great stories through the world of VR. Kids will be amazed with the 360 degree views of ‘Buggy Night’ and ‘Rain or Shine’ short productions by award-winning storytellers.

NIFTY FISH by artist Art+Science, Canada
In the main foyer of the TIFF Bell Lightbox look upwards and find an aquarium filled with funny swimming fish. With your own mobile device (free Wi-Fi available) you can create your own wacky custom fish and add it to the shared virtual fish tank.

For a complete list of exhibitors and installation visit tiff.net/kids.


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