Dip, Sip and Say Ahhh!


Your kids need a little sip a somethin’ that tastes good and that is good for them, we know. That’s why we’d like to introduce to you Sipahh—a milk flavouring straw that wakes up milk.
Simply dip into cold milk, sip, and say Ahh! As the milk is sipped through Sipahh, the tiny UniBeads inside the straws dissolve and turn white milk into a healthy and delicious snack that everyone can enjoy. Available in five kid-friendly flavours (including cookies and cream and strawberry), Sipahh also boasts some very good-to-know attributes.

Moms love that they are recyclable (just rinse and pop in the recycling bin) and that they are allergen-free. You will not find any milk solids, egg, nuts or traces of nuts at all in a Sipahh straw. They taste fantastic with dairy alternatives such as rice milk and soy drinks and are also completely gluten free.

So what is in these Unibeads, you ask? Natural colours of course. There are no artificial flavours, no preservatives and here is the bit you were looking for: only half a teaspoon of sugar in each straw. Plus, Sipahh helps to deliver the goodness of milk including calcium and riboflavin.

So if you have a picky eater or drinker or you feel like giving out a treat once in a while, all you have to do is…Rip, Dip, Sip & Say Ahh!

Available at most grocery stores near you



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