Art Appreciation


Art is an aesthetic force in our lives that can calm and relax us.
But moms know a few secrets about art too. For example, we know that if we want the right side of our kids’ brains to work, art is a good way to start. We also know that creating art makes them happy and a happy child makes a happy mom. Finally, we know that for kids, art is a great way to make a mess.

So we set out to find you a few great places where your kids can make that mess with the right instruction:

We have been keeping this one a secret for a while but it’s time to tell you about Art Workshop, our latest art class find. Located on Yonge just north of Eglinton, The Art Workshop is a favourite for kids who like to create true masterpieces. Maria Vilotijevic, owner, artist and mom of Natalia (10), teaches the children about the masters by studying their works and recreating them as their own on canvas. Children will come home with their own version of Madame Matisse and then proceed to tell you why they chose that work of art and who their favourite master is. Maria teaches art history through osmosis and the children take home a better understanding of what they are working on. We like that the classes are all small.
Good to Know: There is availability for March break camps and winter classes so call now to enquire.

Inspired by her eldest daughter’s encouragement to start her own art business, Nancy Johnston, SavvyMom to Samantha (11) and Charlotte (13) has been running art classes for children three and up from her basement studio at home for five years now. Her focus at Art Studio is on fine arts—she teaches a lot of painting and includes crafts that are “just too cool to not do”. For example, next week her class will be beading in response to student demand.
Good to Know: The next session starts after March Break so now is the time to email Nancy and book for the spring session.


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