DIY Birthday Candelabra

Jan Scott January 10, 2017

I’€™ve spent the past five weekends working (not to mention all of the Mondays to Fridays that fell between each of those weekends!). I’€™ve been putting the finishing touches and words into a massive work project and every spare second of my free time has been immersed in this undertaking. Last Saturday, I finally decided I needed a break, and when procrastination meets Pinterest, it’€™s amazing what you can create. Enter my new birthday candelabra.
The original version of this candleholder was 10 feet long. I clearly didn’€™t need something so huge for my own table, but I thought a 3 foot version would be great for birthdays and dinner parties. My husband was in charge of finding me a piece of wood that 4’€ x 4’€ x 3’€™ and he came through in less than an hour. We sanded the sides for a smooth finish, drilled 24 holes down the length of one side, staggering them evenly over the space, and swiped some quick-drying stain over the surface. I placed the 5’€ coloured taper candles inside the holes, and within 2 hours of starting our project we were finished.

My son had a sleepover birthday party later than night and the candelabra was a hit. All of the kids took turns blowing out the candles and it was a new way to decorate our space for a birthday. I won’€™t hesitate to use white or gold candles for other occasions, or pink and red ones for Valentine’€™s Day, but I like the idea of pulling this out when it’€™s a birthday week in our house and using it to decorate the table.

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