Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies

We love planning birthday parties for our kid, but it’s hard not to be a bit remorseful about the bags of trash left behind after a mere two-hour event. The good news is that it’s easy to host an eco-friendly birthday party, whether at home or at another venue (provided you bring the materials). Here’s how to throw a party that will be fun and easier on the Earth, too.


Say goodbye to the balloons and hello to whimsical, reusable bunting. Bunting looks amazing indoors or out and there are a variety of colour combinations available to please the birthday kiddos. Then when the party is over it folds up small until the next big day. Check out these ideas.

Loot Bags

Oh, loot bags. Who really enjoys a pile of plastic toys or cheap candy housed in a plastic bag? Why not give the guests a single item that they’ll actually use? We’ve put together a list of eco-friendly and affordable items that focus on minimizing plastic.

Cups & Drinks

Just say no to juice boxes or plastic water bottles. Try mason jars, teacups from a thrift store, or ask guests to bring their own water bottles—they’re used to it from school. Mason jars are especially great because they can be used, filled with treats, and could be gifted as part of the loot bags.


Eco-Friendly Loot Bag Ideas

Straws are helpful at parties to prevent spillage and other upsets, but plastic straw usage is not the greenest of options. Stainless steel or silicone straws are durable and awesome, plus they can go in the dishwasher. Buy enough for the party guests and then use them for lunches and family picnics.


Option one: bust out all the china that you’ve got, big and small, and run the dishwasher once or twice when the party is done. Option two: pick up some compostable plates (Staples has some). Just make sure that they all end up in compost bags, not the garbage. There are also compostable cutlery and cups.


fiver party

There are so many options other than a pile of presents that may or may not be suited to the birthday kid. For example, Fiver Parties are starting to take over. If you haven’t heard of them yet, a Fiver Party is where, instead of getting a gift from each guest, you request that each person contribute $5 that the birthday kid can put towards the purchase of a bigger, more special gift. It’s easier on the parents doing the gift-buying and cuts down on clutter for the parents of the birthday kid. Win-win!


For a quick treat, serve up homemade ice pops instead of plastic-wrapped freezies or popsicles. We love these stainless steel molds, which are easy to use, easy to clean, and will last a lifetime.

Birthday Candles

You’ll never use paraffin wax candles again after experiencing the lovely scent and glow of beeswax ones. Plus, they don’t drip and they emit no toxins!


Bean bags are great for parties! Create a bean bag toss game, practise juggling, play ‘doggie, doggie, who’s got your bone‘—the possibilities are endless.



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