Edible Gifts: A Homemade Sundae Kit

Jan Scott August 8, 2016

Last week, I was looking through some of my old blog posts to find which ones were the most popular. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a recipe for easy family dinners, or the fun party ideas, or even the story about how I got my son to eat more vegetables. It was the post I wrote on a small homemade gift I made for my son’s friend. This idea has been splashed over Pinterest and has elicited a response from my readers that has been simultaneously unexpected and extremely humbling.

The concept was a simple one really. It’s a DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit, and although I didn’t realize it at the time that I wrote it, it is definitely going to go down as the Family Bites post of the year. For this reason alone, I thought it would be worth sharing with you, in case you were in need of an easy homemade gift this year.

The homemade Ice Cream Sundae Kit is a small box of everything one might need to have a sundae party. It’s a gift that’s great for children, teachers, babysitters, grandparents, cousins, coaches and siblings. The kit is made up of waffle cone bowls, sugar cones, homemade chocolate sauce and assorted candies for toppings. It required no instructions and everything is re-packaged into cello bags with labels for a cleaner aesthetic. If I were to do this again, I would also add a jar of caramel sauce and a gift certificate for some ice cream.

Sundae Kit Containers

The question that came up over and over again was about the homemade chocolate sauce and how long it could be stored for. I would only do homemade sauce if I were giving the gift to someone who could refrigerate it immediately. Otherwise, I would suggest using store bought, especially if you’re planning on shipping the gift to a loved one.

Do you enjoy making or receiving edible gifts?




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