Turn Basic Kraft Paper into Surprisingly Clever Party Decorations

Jan Scott August 22, 2016
Kraft Paper Tablecoth - Full Size

Tomorrow, we are heading to a cottage for a week’s vacation. My sister and her family are coming for an overnight visit while we are there, and during that time my niece will celebrate her 4th birthday. Needless to say, we are going to throw a small party for her while she’s with us, complete with candles and cake. In my mind, no party is officially a celebration unless there are some simple decorations to adorn the space, but seeing as we won’t be at our own home the options for making the space feel festive are a little limited because I don’t want to pack more than I need to (we’re already taking two car loads!).

Instead, I’m bringing a roll of kraft paper, tape, scissors, and crayons, and will make all the necessary decorations with those simple supplies. Kraft paper is my go-to for so many DIYs and special occasions, and I use it in many different ways. For Katie’s birthday, I plan on making a hanging banner, tablecloth and gift wrap. Here are 7 ways to turn basic kraft paper into surprisingly clever party decorations:

  1. Wrap Presents: Start with basic kraft paper and add colour and personalization by embellishing it with washi tapes, ribbon or twine, hand drawings, stamps, etc.
  2. Make Banners and Bunting: Cut shapes like hearts, stars, pennants, or whatever suits your party theme from the kraft paper and hang with twine.
  3. Make a Table Runner: Create a statement runner with a long roll of kraft paper. Use the eraser end of a pencil dipped in white paint to create polka dots and cut the ends into a ‘V’ for a finishing touch.
  4. Make Gift Tags: Cut shapes out of kraft paper and punch a hole in the top for ribbon or twine. Tie around a gift and write a handwritten note on the tag.
  5. Make a Wall Menu: I’ve had this striking image bookmarked for two years now. It’s simple but so sophisticated and all you need is some kraft paper and a black Sharpie.
  6. Make a Tablecloth: Use long sheet of kraft paper to cover a table. Set out markers and pencil crayons and let guests colour on the table while they eat. You can also cover a buffet table with kraft paper and write the name of each dish beside it so guests know what they’re eating.
  7. Make Homemade Gifts: You can even use kraft paper to make jewellery – what a great DIY gift!

Do you keep a roll of kraft paper handy? How do you use it in your party décor?

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