Do You Meal Plan?


Are you a meal planner? While I do admit to being a little slack with my planning over the summer months, from September to June our weekly meals are laid out every Sunday with little exception. In fact, I’€™ve become known for my regimented preparations and, several months ago, the folks over at Food Bloggers of Canada asked me to write a primer on meal planning. Feel free to check it out if you’€™re interested to see how I go about choosing our meals for the week.
In addition to saving time and money at the grocery store, weekly meal planning also makes my school-night dinner prep much easier. When I’€™m making breakfast, I pull something from the freezer for dinner, if necessary. I also might chop a few veggies while I’€™m waiting for the oatmeal to cook, or I grate some cheese for the lasagna I’€™ll prepare later that evening. In essence, with a plan in place I can get a head start on dinner first thing in the morning. For reasons unknown to me, taking ten minutes to do some prep work usually saves me half an hour later in the day (likely because then I’€™m being interrupted to help with homework while I’€™m trying to cook).

I’€™d love to know, do you meal plan or do you prefer to just wing your nightly meals? If you plan, do you do it weekly or monthly? Are you interested in any printable meal plans with an accompanying grocery list? Let’€™s talk!


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