Expect the Unexpected


New and expectant moms are often heard asking the same question: ‘€˜Why didn’€™t anyone tell me THIS was going to happen?’ What’€™s ‘€˜THIS’€™ you ask? It could be any number of things’€”one of which is very likely the unexpected leak.
Don’€™t worry, you’€™re not alone. One in three women, even in their first pregnancy will experience the unexpected leak by the third trimester. Another 7% will experience it right after delivery. That’€™s because the unexpected leak is not an age thing, it’€™s a stage thing. After carrying a baby for 9 months and going through labour, your pelvic floor can get so weak that the unexpected leak just happens.

The unexpected leak often goes away naturally after giving birth. However, in recent years doctors have noticed some long-term consequences of pregnancy and birthing and the symptoms that don’€™t completely go away during the recovery period. Studies show that 6’€“26% of women who develop the unexpected leak related to pregnancy will still experience it 3’€“6 months after the birth. It sneaks up on you when you’€™re laughing with friends or the classic’€”jumping in the bouncy castle with a toddler.

Once you know more about the unexpected leak, you can do something about it. First, talk to your doctor. Then, use the TENA® proven personal care system. TENA® pads are so absorbent they can stand up to the twist. That’€™s what we call the fearless protection of TENA Technology’„¢.

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