Dripless Popsicles

Slow Melt PopsiclesSeriously, what will they think of next? I was amazed when dripless candles hit the market but now dripless popsicles? Now that is what we call a game changer at SavvyMom HQ.
It’s true, Popsicle, the original brand of popsicles has added a touch of gelatin to their range of products (including minis, swirlwinds and regular ice pops) and now they drip a lot less. We can’t promise you they don’t drip at all but since they are called ‘Slow Melt’ they really just delay the dripping all over your face and hands process so thet your kids have a chance to taste the frozen desert. Very civilized, indeed. Now you have an answer to the questions about ‘why do we have to learn science, anyway?’…it took them long enough, didn’t it?


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