Hot Digital Brand


Things are busy at Savvy HQ these days! Besides the usual production and delivery of our much loved newsletters, promotions and special offers for our beloved readers (ahem, yes you), we have been getting noticed lately by our colleagues in the industry and we’re feelling just a little bit proud of ourselves.
Last month, we are thrilled to announce that we were named to Canada’s Most Progressive Employers list. We are very proud of this distinction as you can imagine since we have a lot of moms who work at SavvyMom and we appreciate how much juggling gets done everyday in order for things to run smoothly around here. We were also named one of the top five “Hottest Emerging Digital Brands” at the Next Digital Media Conference in Banff last week-end. I had the privilege of attending the conference as an award nominee where I met all kinds of SavvyMom fans like our friend Kate Trgovac of Lintbucket Media. The fact that there was a snow storm most of the weekend didn’t seem to matter very much since I was attending so many interesting seminars and panel discussions. There was a lot of talk about Facebook, Twitter, social media, video and the future of the web. It was all very inspiring and I left feeling confident that content will always be king, more and more people are going online these days and SavvyMom is well positioned to move to the next level from one of the hottest emerging digital brands to one of the hottest digital brands in Canada!


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