Drugstore Cowgirl


Gone are those Saturday afternoons hanging around cosmetic counters searching for the perfect lipstick (maybe that’s a good thing). But we still need that lipstick—it’s just that baby Jack and little Jill don’t share the same passion for beauty products than our grade ten Best Friend Forever did.
Not fair really—it’s because of our kids we go to the drugstore so much, whether it’s for diapers, sunscreen, school supplies, band-aids (the list goes on). We know there are treasures hiding in those aisles—but like that needle in the haystack, you need time to find them. So with the collective wisdom of the SavvyMom team, we’ve come up with a drugstore beauty guide that will get you in and out of there in no time with all the treasures you need.

First For Face
For washing your face (and baby’s bum too—it’s that mild), try fragrance-free, non-irritating Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser ($8.99), a miracle liquid that gets our faces clean without drying them out. After that, to reduce fine lines and protect skin, we’re committed to the Reversa Corrective Night Cream with 4% glycolic acid for nighttime ($32) and the Reversa UV Anti-Wrinkle Fluid SPF 15 with 8% glycolic acid ($34) for daytime (love that SPF—one less thing to do in the morning), suggested by our savvy (and mom) dermatologist Dr. Sandi Skotnicki-Grant (not a fine line on her!), but available for much less than the usual dermatologist-recommended line. If you’re looking for some inside-out skin nourishment, the Perfect Skin supplement ($26.99) from Genuine Health is a savvy fave as well.

For Every Body
You can never go wrong with multi-purposing, especially if it means taking up less room in the bathroom, so for body moisturizing we’re sharing our Aveeno Baby Daily Lotion ($7.99) with our kids. Its fragrance-free natural colloidal oatmeal blended with rich emollients soothes our dry skin and leaves a protective barrier.


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