Over Easy


For some of us, the smell of bacon and eggs is firmly rooted in our childhood memories. For others, it’s the concept of the bottomless cup of coffee that fuels our love for the most important meal of the day.
We love going out for breakfast with our family because it’s fast, filling, and cheap, and there’s something on the menu for everyone…including the littlest ones who are more than happy to be gumming on a piece of toast. It’s fun to invite other parents along to share in the revelry (and see who can build the best tower out of those little creamers).

We are big fans of Mello’s all-day breakfast as well as the Elgin Street Diner. The ESD has been regularly named Ottawa’s best diner and is famous for its brunch, as well as its poutine. Both locations are great for people watching.

We also like the quintessential blue-collar breakfast experience at Al’s Diner, where the servers possess a sixth sense and arrive at your table with a hot pot of coffee before you’ve even asked. Magical.

John’s Quick Lunch is cash only, and not open on Sundays. Go early on Saturday to avoid the rush—you’re up anyway, right? Look for the building with a giant mural painted on the side. That’s John, holding a cup of coffee. You can’t miss it.


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