Early-Evening Weekday Activities for Kindergarten Kids

Ottawa Activities for Kindergartners

There’s still time to pick a spring activity for your child in Ottawa, but if you have a little one who is in kindergarten, you may be struggling to fit in their activities during the week. If you already have swimming or hockey on the weekends, or you want to keep the weekends free and clear of activities (and we get it if you do), finding a program that will not have them skipping bedtime on a school night seems like a tall order.

Not every child can be in a class until 7:30 at the age of 5 years old and still get all the rest they need. So what are parents to do? We’ve gathered up some options for classes that end by 7 pm for your kinders, and aren’t on the weekends (we know how precious that time is, too!) Plus, we’ve included a variety of interests on the list like sports, cooking and building because not all of our four and five-year-olds are the same.

Kinder Cooks

Every school day needs to end with an after-school snack so why not let your kids make their own at a cooking class? The Kinder Cooks after school mini chef program is offered in Kanata on Mondays from 4 pm until 5 pm, with plenty of time to get home for dinner and bed. Kids aged 3-5 will get to chop their way through lessons to learn about basic kitchen skills and healthy nutrition with recipes they’ll love.

Ballet Class

On Thursdays at 3:45, your little one can begin their dance skills and learn to move at the Makin’ Moves Children’s Dance Theatre on Sunnyside Avenue in Old Ottawa South. We know they’ll love twirling and spinning while exploring rhythm, ballet, music and movement.


Your kids already love building with LEGO, but now they can really test their skills and experiment even more thanks to Bricks4Kids and their classes. These 90-minute sessions on Tuesdays are between 5:30 and 7 pm in Kanata. Every month, a new LEGO theme is explored like movie-making or Superheroes. Each class, kids are partnered up and spend time building a model based on the theme with free build time at the end of the class to encourage their imaginations.

Tumblers Kinder Gym

If you want to tire your kinder out before bed, running and tumbling might be just what they need. The Tumblers Kinder Gym program will encourage kids to learn about the basics of gymnastics during their one hour long class, with multiple classes offered at various times during the week, most ending before 6:30 pm.

Douvris Tykes Karate

The Douvris Tykes Karate classes will teach respect, fortitude and positive attitudes for your little one. The class day and time varies depending on the location (there are several Douvris locations across Ottawa including Barrhaven, Westboro and on Bank Street) but of the 30 minute classes are scheduled to end before 6:30 pm.

Starr Gymnastics

There are three Starr Gymnastics locations in Ottawa where your Super Star can spend one hour bouncng, balancing and juming. This gymnastics class for kids ages four and a half to six is available during earlier hours many days of the week.  Kinders will learn the fundamentals of cartwheeling and doing handstands, somersaults and other skills that will build their foundation for gymnastics.

Ball Hockey

Your mini Ottawa Senators fan can grab a stick and head to the floor to play ball hockey at the South Westminster Church on Tuesday nights from 4 pm until 5 pm. Junior and Senior kindergarten kids can join this Sportball program (run through the Old Ottawa South community centre) and learn basic hockey skills like stick handling and scoring. They’ll gain valuable confidence and most importantly have fun!


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