6 Easy Crafts For Kids To Do During Sick Days

Easy Crafts for Sick Days

With a lot of our kids staying home from school due to colds already, there’s a good chance that many sick days are in our futures. Once your little ones have rested up and are looking for something to do, here are some easy and fun crafts for them to try out. The bonus is, most of these are simple enough for kids to do on their own—which means you might be able to grab some time alone to sip that hot coffee or tackle your work.

Sock Bunny Craft

All you’ll need is an old sock, some rice, a few rubber bands or ribbon and a marker to create this little cutie. Get the full step-by-step instructions here.

Make your own Pillowcase

This one is so easy, you can get any age involved. We love a creative, but simple art project. Learn how to get the kids started here.

Painting with Q-Tips

This craft is best suited for young children (pre-school through to grade 3) and is an easy way to let your little one’s creativity shine. Check out the tips on painting with individual q-tips or bunching them together for cool effects. Find the instructions here.

Stained Glass Jar

There’s not much to this one, but the results are stunning. As long as you don’t mind a little marker mess on your kids, let them go wild. Here are a few helpful tips.

Easy Yarn Ornaments

With this one, there’s a bit of coordination involved, but that just means a little extra practice to make perfect. Once your kids get into their “groove” with the weaving and turning, they’ll find their movements become repetitive and relaxing. They won’t even know they’re working on their fine motor skills! Get instructions here.


What to do with the leftover Pringles cans that perhaps have been accumulating since quarantine? A kaleidoscope, of course! This cute craft will remind you of your own childhood. Get the instructions here.


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