Easy Thanksgiving Appetizer: Cheese Tray Turkey

Easy Thanksgiving Appetizer: Cheese Tray Turkey - SavvyMom

When it comes to holidays and family dinners, my number one tip for a fun family Thanksgiving: be sure to serve something kid-friendly for the kids in attendance.

This could be a commonly liked vegetable, fresh bread, a meat that is sure to please everyone (chicken and turkey are good choices), and if I’m feeling extra creative, a snack or dessert made specifically (read: themed) for the little people at the table. In previous years, I’ve done a cookie tree centrepiece for Thanksgiving, but this year I’m taking the fun to the appetizer table and making this cheese tray turkey for pre-dinner nibbling.


Easy Thanksgiving Appetizer: The Cheese Tray Turkey

As you can see, while this plucky party snack looks a little impressive, it’s made with nothing more than Ritz crackers, marble and mozzarella cheeses, and sliced salami, the most kid-friendly appetizer ingredients I could think of.

It’s the epitome of cheap and cheerful, and takes no time to assemble. There’s also no ‘how-to’ here, if you want to make something similar yourself. Simply cut your cheese and salami, dig out some crackers from the cupboard, find a round platter or serving board, and begin building the snack into something that roughly resembles the shape of a turkey.

It’s ridiculously easy to do (cut your cheese and salami the day before to save even more time), bordering on silly even, but everyone—especially the kids—will delight in your efforts, I promise.


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