Easy Toddler Meal: Chickpea Patties

Jan Scott December 12, 2018
Chickpea Patties Recipe

Whenever we share ideas for easy toddler meals, the posts are quite popular with our readers—because if you can find quick, nutritious foods that toddlers will eat, we’re golden, right?

Here’s the thing about feeding the under four set: they’re typically a tough crowd. One day they like something, the next they don’t. Picky palates start making a regular dinnertime appearance, and getting them to sit at the table for longer than three minutes can sometime seem impossible. It’s not easy trying to guess what menu items are going to be well received, but in my experience, finger foods are always a popular option.

For those who like to eat with their hands, these chickpea patties are an excellent option. They can be tucked into a pita and topped with tzatziki for the adults or older children in the house, they are a protein-dense alternative for the meat-haters in the family and they come together in less time than it would take to order a pizza. Feel free to use regular sweet onion in place of the green, and swap the spice with cumin or paprika if rosemary is not to your taste.

What are some of your toddler meal dilemmas? Do you have any feeding tips to share?

Find the full recipe here: Chickpea Patties

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