Eco Food Covers


Leftovers don’t always equal ‘food’, especially if you have a food container drawer filled with single lids and mismatched bottoms. Then there’s the struggle with foil or plastic wrap which never promises to keep the food fresh inside, or even inside, period. Plus, there’s the worry about chemicals in our plastic. Eco Food Covers has come up with the solution. Made from non-toxic silicone, these unique reusable covers stretch out and stick to the sides of whatever container you’re using (glass, steel, porcelain, plastic). With a super-tight seal (turn your sealed bowl upside-down—we dare you!), the added bonus is that they are also safe in the dishwasher, freezer, stove or microwave. So wrap up the wrap, forget the foil and toss the mismatched tops. ($28.50 for a pack of three, available at


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