Editorial Submissions

Have an idea our readers can’t live without? Remember, everything we cover on Savvymom.ca must be tested by our team. In the interest of saving you time and unnecessary effort, we’ve compiled a short list of dos and don’ts to consider before you send off your submissions.

  • Do take a look at our site. Our editorial content focuses on moms with kids aged 0 to 8 years of age, so please make sure you think we’re a good fit. Share how your product/idea would be of value to our subscribers and how it will provide a solution to help moms get through their hectic days. Think: practical solutions for mom’s everyday dilemmas and you’ll be right on target.
  • Do send all online editorial submissions to editors2@savvymom.ca. Your submission will go directly to the editorial team without getting lost in the shuffle or the spam folder. If you have a press kit or an image to share, then attach them to your email. We’ll know exactly what it is and where to keep it so we can get back to you if we think it’s savvy.
  • If you have a product for review, do send it to our office (address above) and we’ll give it a savvy test drive (chocolate companies pay special note).


  • Please don’t drop items off personally. We’re super busy working to bring our readers new ideas and exciting tips and can’t always stop, drop and roll when a new item (and person) comes through the door.
  • Don’t judge us if we don’t personally respond to every email or letter, due to the high volume of submissions we receive. If you choose to follow up your submission by email we’re fine with that and we appreciate your enthusiasm and determination. We just can’t promise to get back to you every time.
  • Don’t sell us, just share with us. We value straight-forward ideas as we’re offering practical, everyday solutions to moms. If it’s for us, your idea or product will sell itself.

Important Note: Any editorial samples submitted become the property of SavvyMom Media for testing purposes and will not be returned.


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