We know that screen time is inevitable, and although we’re good about limiting our kids’ use, we still want that digital glow to help nurture brain cells. Enter The 10 Best Educational Apps for Kids. Some of these apps obviously promote learning, while others develop different skills in more subtle ways. So load them up and prepare for happy parents and kiddos.

Good Dog! 
Fetch! Lunch Rush teaches math while keeping things fun and cooperative. It’s a multi-player game, so friends can join in the fun. And it’s by PBS Kids, whom we pretty much heart all around. (C’mon Get Appy!)

Read the Rainbow
We’re fans for sheer nostalgia reasons, but the Reading Rainbow app stays true to its bang-on fundamentals of encouraging reading and keeping it fun and imaginative. (C’mon Get Appy!)

When the screen is on, make sure their brains are too. Just boot up our 10 Best Educational Apps for Kids.



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