Experience Gifts for Kids & Families in Ottawa

Experience Gifts for Kids in Ottawa

Many families have been relying more and more on deliveries while staying at home during the pandemic. From meals and groceries, to clothes and gifts, shipping and delivery to our doors have become a constant.

Holiday gifting is pivoting as well with deliveries and porch drop-offs becoming a new way to show someone you care. We love the added bonus of supporting local rather than ordering online from a big-box warehouse and then worrying about whether or not it will arrive on time.

Now, with so many businesses adapting to reduced in-store traffic but the increased demand to shop online, there are even more festive gift options for kids in the Ottawa area that will be delivered to your door and provide an activity or experience along the way. If you have a relative who wants to send something special to your child, or maybe you need to send your nieces or nephews a gift to let them know you are thinking of them, you’ll find something amazing right here in Ottawa.

We’ve rounded up a list of experiences and hands-on DIY gifts that you can send to loved ones (or put on your child’s wish lists). As families find new ways to celebrate the season this year, gift-giving is adapting as well.

Don’t wait long for some of these offers; many are hand made and limited in quantities.

DIY Wall Art Kit

This lovely rainbow wall art is the perfect kit for young crafters. Some adult supervision and help may be needed because of a glue gun, but this unique gift will please the child who is creative and loves crafting. The end result is the perfect decoration for their bedroom. Maker House will ship or deliver locally and there are other hands-on DIY kits available.

A Baking Box and Class

Kids love to be in the kitchen, so encourage mini-bakers with a baking box and lesson! Order a Juliana Banana Holiday baking box and it comes with everything you need (except the food) to create amazing holiday recipes. Join in on the class for an interactive lesson with others too!

DIY Painting

Kids can paint and end up with the perfect wall hanging or ornament for their tree as part of their gift. Thanks to Canoes and Creativity, kids custom paint a wooden photo that has an outline ready to go. It’s a sweet twist on a traditional paint-by-number.

Pottery Painting


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Painting pottery is always a hit with kids of all ages (yes, even the hard-to-buy-for teens), and we are thrilled that the Mud Oven continues to offer at-home painting options for families. Order online, or arrange for the curbside pick up of your pottery items and paint colours. The pottery does need to be returned to be fired in the kiln, so this is likely a gift best planned out in advance.

DIY Cookie Decorating

This is a gift that really is for the whole family, but you can order a Batters Up Bakery DIY cookie decorating kit and have them delivered as a delicious holiday surprise.




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