Need Healthy, Prepared Meals to Go? Check Out FitKitchen

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With all the activity that comes with summer, moms deserve a vacation from cooking every now and again. Which is why I’m a fan of FitKitchen.

FitKitchen, located in Mackenzie Towne, offers an extensive menu of pre-made meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is a really great way to stay on track with healthy, freshly made, portioned meals, in between all those summer BBQs calling your name this season. Meal plans are designed with various goals in mind, including increasing energy, losing weight, gaining muscle, improving metabolism, and the most crucial one for moms: saving time. Plans come in 6 or 18 day increments (read: check one thing off the back-to-school list). Even better, you don’t have to worry about juggling your schedule to hit the store—they deliver across Calgary.

Menu items are classified as either Performance (for those who love being active) or Lean (if you’re looking to scale down). Performance meals all include a protein, carb and a higher calorie veg, while the Lean meals are lower calorie, with a medium protein, higher veg and lower carb option. With options to appeal to those with plainer tastes, as well as those who like things a little more exotic, they offer new meals regularly to spice things up.

A few sample Performance Meals include Alberta roast beef and scrambled eggs, Tatonka Bison red chili, chicken stir fry with black rice, and more. Snacks are also available in this category—either for yourself or as a smaller serving size for the kids. In the Lean Meal category, you’ll find options like egg white omelettes with veggies and feta, salmon cakes, turkey enchiladas, and ginger beef lettuce wraps, to name a few. Dishes are all cooked with fresh ingredients in store, and come in small or large portions.

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We love that each meal delineates the calorie, carb, protein and fat content for the portion. Worried about gluten? Thankfully, 95% of FitKitchen’s meals are gluten-free, with dairy free options as well. Vegetarian options are the specialty of their sister store, The Main Dish, located in Bridgeland or the Calgary Farmer’s Market.

Yes, a few summer indulgences are fun and totally worth it. But with a visit or two to this healthy kitchen, you can worry a little less about letting your health get totally off track over the summer.



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