The 80’s apparently are enjoying a bit of a comeback. Who knew? Black leggings, baggy shirts, even leg warmers have been spotted around town.

Don’t laugh—hold those thoughts of your youth. We’ve found the perfect blend of 80’s style with the millennium mom entrepreneur sensibility for babes.

They are called BabyLegs—our latest savvy find—and they offer multi-purpose solutions and are CUTE to boot.

Essentially leg-length footless socks, (ok, leg warmers) BabyLegs not only look great (with lots of different styles and colours for boys and girls), they feel great too, being made with a very soft blend of 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex. One size fits all, they fit most kids from newborn to age 10 (true fact—just trust us).

But what we love most is how many practical uses they have for only $15.95 (and that’s what makes things savvy after all).

Classic Uses
• Prevents ‘gapiosis’ (the space between the sock and the bottom of the pant, often accentuated by being held in arms or by being placed in a carrier or stroller), keeping legs warm
• Helps with diaper changes—baby girls can wear more dresses but skip that nasty diaper-onesie-tights triple whammy
• Encourages self-dressing
• Makes for easier potty-training (and who doesn’t love that?)
• Reduces pressure on the tummy from pant waists for little ones with sensitive skin, acid reflux etc.
• Protects knees while keeping feet free, thus better crawling and walking practice

More Advanced Uses
• Pretend hockey socks for your little Maple Leaf, Flame or Canuck
• Broken arm decoration and protector
• Bandage keeper-on-er (if child has an injury and is trying to pull off bandage)
• Dance class accessory (Excuse to rewatch Flashdance with your daughter?)
• A general back-up layer for extra warmth…such as when your five year old insists on wearing shorts in October, and other transitional clothing situations. They work as arm warmers too so even adults can wear them. BabyLegs are a welcome layer to appendages in all shapes and sizes.

With cooler weather now a looming reality, it’s time to baby those legs.

Available from honey-bunch.com


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