So Many Tomatoes, So Little Time


Mmmmmmm. Note big juicy, plump and perfectly ripened local fresh tomatoes. Must buy, cook and freeze for winter months.

Looks like a lot of tomatoes though. Not so organized this week. Maybe just a few for salad, hate to waste…

Do have time for frozen dessert section though.

Not so fast, mama!

Slow roasting these babies is the way to go. You just pop them into the oven, leave them there a long time and let the juices flow while the flavours intensify all by themselves. It’s easier than boiling an egg.

Ways to Enjoy Slow Roasted Tomatoes All Winter Long
Pasta – with a bit of goat cheese (or any cheese, really), oil and fresh basil, with pesto sauce or in homemade mac and cheese
Risotto – mix with butter, parmesan, and your fave herbs
Soups – crush them for minestrone or other healthy soup creations
Grilled Cheese – for an adult version of this classic treat (or add to your deli sandwich/panini/wrap)
‘Enhanced’ Tomato Sauce – puree and add in your usual ingredients
Bruschetta, Pizza or Antipasto – chop into pieces and add as desired


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