Basic Training


“Thanks, Mom. I love you.”

The words we yearn for before baby learns to speak – only to be met with ‘Dada’, ‘No’ or ‘I want’ when the time comes.

Not a ‘Please’ to be heard.

You are not alone in facing the manners void, but luckily we can fix this with a bit of basic training and the classic printed word.

SavvyMom’s favourite author on the all-important topic of manners is Munro Leaf – a best-selling children’s author since 1936 with charmingly illustrated titles such as Manners Can be Fun, How to Speak Politely and our all-time fave for kids and adults alike, How to Behave and Why.

Munro wrote these books at a time when kids were kids, parents were parents and manners were, well, manners.


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