Out Darned Spot


Life as a Tide commercial…we all live it.
Ketchup, cranberry juice, red wine, pureed anything. Way more than Lady Macbeth could ever handle.

Luckily, the 20th century brings with it the benefits of modern science and some stain removal products that our Savvy Scouts have been heavily dependent on this summer.

Here is our All Star Line-Up of Pre-Soakers:

Spray ‘n Wash Dual Power Laundry Stain Remover

Subject: Savvy-tested on a very large dried-up chocolate milk stain causing serious trauma to young owner of brand new pink and white striped dress.
Results: Pink and white striped dress as good as new – trauma averted.
Tester Quote: “I watched the stain lift right in front of my eyes”

Woolite Oxy Deep- Oxygen Activated System

Subject: Savvy-tested on après-ski red wine spill (we can’t always blame the kids) – dripped right through a coffee table crack onto a pale grey carpet.
Results: Pale grey carpet is pale grey again
Tester Quote: “This is a miraculous product.”

Nature Clean – All Natural Laundry Stain Remover

Subject: Savvy-tested on ketchup, popsicle drips and grimy dirt stains from Little League game (all on the same shirt).
Results: After some pre-treating and soaking in water for a while, the stains came out and no fish died as a result.
Tester Quote: “Very green and the t-shirt ended up clean”.

Good to Know
1. Any detergent with enzymes helps to break up protein stains, making them easier to remove (just read the labels as most name brands have it).

2. Sooner is better – for best results, try not to wait before pre-treating. (Some pre-treaters come in portable sizes – could be a good addition to the diaper/snack bag when out and about on summer fun.)

3. Not all stains can be treated the same way. If you have a specific stain and fabric question, we found a fab site called How to Clean Anything which includes tips like how to remove dog poo from sneakers.

So what was all that fuss about one damned spot? Guess poor old Lady Macbeth wasn’t so savvy (being royalty and all).


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